Rice Burner Stocker Syndrome(Winter Pause)

Words and Photo: Rob Yaskovic

It’s a crappy road to begin with; muddy and bumpy with broken branches everywhere but in the winter the ice-riddled potholes get ridiculous. My friend Tim in his Honda Element and I in my Toyota Sienna know that there is at least one big trout in the hole just ½ mile down and without four-wheel drive we risk it.

In just a short while the Fly Fishing Only section of Big Flat Brook will open for the season. Opening Day means tons of loud, littering men, women and children tossing every lure, bait and spinner imaginable at these smarter than average stockies. Some will visit the taxidermy shop, some will become dinner and some will hide until they see a perfect midge float by four weeks later.

On this particular breezy 30-degree day in January, Tim hooked the big guy. Just as he was able to see Tim’s hands coming for him, the large brookie thanked him for debarbing the hook and swam away. Tim broke the ice off of his guides, said a few words and cast back into the flow. It was very quiet.


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