Mothers Day Brunch

An on the water dispatch from FFJ contributor Nathaniel Riverhorse and a happy belated moms day salute. Please make sure the volume is turned up on your computer/smartphone/tablet/googleglasses as you wont want to miss this funny.

Mother’s Day Brunch~

A few minutes from home, there’s a swampy lake. The gators are pretty bad, though, which is as it should be. We often send out endless videos of fish to friends meant to torture them, piss them off, and remind them they aren’t on the water. Knowing the crew were all slotted uncomfortably into church pews and khakis or at fancy restaurants with mother and grandma sipping sweet tea and looking at their watches, I did my part to rub it in. And hard. This is one of about 20 fine bass, for it happened to be stupid good this day, and yes, 20 videos with some progressively colorful audio commentary and blow by blow descriptions made their way out over the iphone, no doubt buzzing plenty of thighs and bringing heaps of painful views under the tables.



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