sea swallow’d

Every now and again I come across a bit of film or an image and it stops me. I forget to breathe sometimes. My arms goosebump a few shivers shoot through and my hope for humanity is reinforced a little. This short from Ryan Peterson, of Eastern Rises jedi fame, did just that. I hope you’ll agree and blog, retweet, share and watch the heck out of it.

From Ryan’s Vimeo page :

“Odds are high the last time you ate sockeye salmon, it came from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Half of all sockeye at market in the world today come from here. The runs of fish are as strong as they’ve been since The Beginning.

Approximately 80% of Bristol Bay residents, as well as national commercial and sport fishing industries, oppose development of the Pebble Mine because of the risk it poses to the salmon they depend on.

You can help give voice to Bristol Bay by submitting a comment in support of the EPA’s Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. Give them and President Obama the courage they need to stop this mine before damage is done. You will be heard. Public comments open through May 31. Go here: ow.ly/kAsdF.

Learn more: savebristolbay.org
Pebble CEO quote source: youtube.com/watch?v=gnoxUJr8rJM

Qalurru, by Pamyua: itunes.apple.com/us/album/drums-of-the-north/id79305195
Babys, by Bon Iver: itunes.apple.com/us/album/blood-bank-ep/id301395492

Contact: firstcast at gmail dot com”


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