The name caught my eye first, as anything with the word shark in it usually gets a bit of attention from me. Ever since catching Mako sharks with my friend Dave Trimble I have an eye out for sharks. Then it was the whole Boulder Fly Casters Memorial Park thing and I finished reading the newspaper article and started doing some research on this guy calling himself Helicopterbearshark.

A one man band who sets up a practice room in a parking lot outside Boulder, Colorado because of the great acoustics and he likes being out in nature. Pure FFJ approved entertainment. The reasons he likes to play outside are strikingly similar to reasons for fishing. Enjoy the video below and Daily Camera article and if you ever see a dude getting his nature music on at a fishing spot or climbing area, make sure you give him a listen first and maybe see if he’s into casting a few flies. I’ll bet he would be…



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