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I was fortunate enough to take an East Coast vacation recently. I went to Maine for a friends wedding. They did it up right. You can buy legitimate fireworks in Maine and after the main event(pun not intended) there were a few Roman Candles left over so we did the responsible thing and shot them at each other. Of course there were lobstah’s to be consumed and I even got to ride in a Hinckley Picnic Boat on the way to the wedding. The captain even did some donuts. All in all, it was quite the rad wedding. Billy Idol played as the groom walked up the dock and the bride chose a Pixies song, Where Is My Mind. Oh and cider kegstands are also what happens in Maine when you get down with a bunch of Chicago folks.

Then it was off to Connecticut. I’d never contracted Lyme disease and figured since I was there, I ought to give it a shot. Five ticks were found on my person, two bites, no bulls eyes. Antibiotics are in the mail. We toured a rundown axe factory, hiked to the foam dome and I eve got to wade the local river in search of a tug. Three things that I like about the flyshops out east is that they have a bunch of character, sell articulated wooly buggers and you can buy condoms there. For tying the Vladi worms

After fishing I got to sneak into a rundown machine shop and photograph lots of old stuff. Someone left their apartment in a hurry because there were three dead iguanas in a terrarium. They just up and vanished, something got real real quick and I guess they had to leave.

Also I got my duffelbag peed on by a grumpy old cat but luckily it was of the waterproof variety and I was able to clean it up really easily.

It wasn’t a fishing trip but based on the research I did there is a lot of opportunity out east and I’d love to go back with no other agenda aside from catching some fish.

Thanks East Coast, thanks Adam and Katie McKinlay(the newlyweds) and thanks Laura and Chip(gracious Connecticut hosts).

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