Vermillion, Marble, Cliffs, Canyon

Photo: Frame grab from Kitchen Sink Studios short film “Vermillion”

It is kind of as though Ryan McGinley got down with Saul Williams in an IMAX theater, rolled it in oil and went fly fishing at Lees Ferry for a few days. I know, thats a lot coming at you from different angles but thats what happens when these dudes from the desert that call themselves Kitchen Sink Studios make a flyfishing short film. Maybe it’s the heat…?

My only gripe is that Ted and Gina weren’t there tying Zebra midges in the trailer, Capt. Dave Trimble isn’t in the old adobe bumping hip hop and waking up the neighbors, Matt Swan wasn’t doing jetboat donuts and I didn’t hear Dave Foster telling me not to wear my hat backwards in the flyshop. Good times…

Ok, I may be a bit partial and perhaps a little sentimental but only because I did a fair bit of growing up and learning how to fly fish 70 foot nymph drifts to midge crazed rainbow trouts.

R.I.P. Marble Canyon Lodge.

And nice work Kitchen Sink Studios, nice work, we’re already looking forward to more!


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