River Snook and Prawnobster

Photos: Bob Stewart

A few saltwater-like species have been turning up in the rivers of Colorado. The Prawnobster, pictured below, is a deft and cunning creature, prowling the shallows and avoiding the death clenches of larger predacious species such as Carp and several species of Trout that are top choice of the anglers quarry.


The elusive yet ever amazing Colorado River Snook, pictured below, also has a sweet tooth for the Prawnobster. However these River Snook are unlike their tasty saltwater cousins. They taste like dirt, or so I am told. Please release them unharmed, immediatley, should you happen to catch one. They do however, have a mighty penchant for a swung and or stripped streamer and are quite the gem to behold in the dimming light of a stellar day on the water. Tight lines and sharp hooks, my internet friends.



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