The Ice Is Coming

Seven years ago, when I first started fishing the freestone rivers of Colorado in the winter, bundled up in snowboard pants, Sorel boots and goggles, stupidly creeping onto ice shelves to drift Zebra midges in front of trout faces, a woman came to the opposite shoreline and started yelling.

“The ice is coming, the ice is coming!!”

I thought she thought I was tresspassing, but I was in the right, so I waved, smiled and kinda hung out for a bit. She yelled a few more times and I just assumed she was a senile old lady and went about my business. Little did I know it was a warning.

The ice she was yelling about was from an ice floe. The video below, captured a few days ago on the San Miguel River in Southwestern Colorado by San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters is a pretty impressive example.

Unfortunately they aren’t very friendly towards our finned friends, but there’s not a whole lot we can do but sit back in a safe place and enjoy the show.



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