Thompson Divide Vignettes

Josh Duplechain, Aaron Kindle and the folks at TU have been busy creating some very stunning, beautiful and resonating short multimedia pieces on the Thompson Divide, a huge tract of pristine wilderness in Colorado’s Western Slope that is currently threatened by possilbe development. You can see more of the Thompson Divide vignettes and learn more by visiting Trout Unlimiteds conservation project page. Go ahead and give the Sportsman For Thompson Divide Facebook page a like as well.

“As a hunting guide in the Thompson Divide area I have fantastic memories of taking people out., people that have hunted for years and this is their first time here and they were blown away by the number of elk they saw. The beauty of the ragged mountains and all the aspen trees which people that are new to it that have never seen. Some have never seen an elk in their life and as a hunting guide getting to introduce people to hunting and the pursuit of elk and doing it in such a beautiful place are things that aren’t easily forgotten.”

-Adam Gall
Hunting Guide

Hear and learn more from the people of the Thompson Divide at tu.org/tu-projects/thompson-divide


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