Southland Cheese

FFJ contributor and friend Kurt Olesek turned on, tuned in and dropped out to the wilds of New Zealand living in a van…you guessed it, down by the river. KO has some awesome reports and photos which you can look through over on his website kurtolesek.com. Apparently the cheese is excellent.

In a recent email dispatch KO goes into detail about the cheese and Estonian single dry fly fishermen.

“I’ve found the best cheeses here in NZ, they are amazing!! Whitestone, Avondale, Ruby Bay all SO good. Here is some serious cheese though from the Oreti.

Got 6 fish all about this size, around 6 pounds, all on dries. I fished with this guy from Estonia and he only will fish a single dry to these fish so I agreed to fish a whole day like that and it worked, although we probably would’ve caught more fish with a dropper or at least the occasional single nymph tech. Kinda fun I guess, we covered alot of water and saw a heap of big fish.

If the weather gets nice again I will go back and fish it differently to test that theory. Put this place on your list to visit, I will put up a post or two in the next day or two with more images, just wanted to share some good cheese with you.” -KO


Yeah, yeah, yeah…we’re pretty stoked for you KO, lots of jealous thoughts distracting us from hot monitors as we prep another issue. So thank you for the diversion, as they are much needed.


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