Join us at Andros South for BahamaCon 2014, last spots

“I’m not here to fight, or incite/I’m like the beach in the Bahamas make you feel alright.” – The Beastie Boys

For years I yearned. I pined. I ogled. I dreamed. I imagined.

To catch a bonefish, standing in warm, calm waters must be an magical thing, I reasoned. Why else we otherwise sane individuals spend good money to fly great distances to catch moderate sized and somewhat homely fish?

I yearned/pined/ogled/dreamed/imagined some more.

At some point, however, it is time to fish or cut leader; I booked a trip to South Andros and wondered if it would live up to the mental projections.

From the moment I landed, to the first time I strode out onto the sugar beaches, to the first morning running over green glass surrounded by mangroves, birds and not a soul, to the first bone to eat my shrimp pattern, it all well exceeded any fantasies I’d constructed.

And the fish themselves, well… they blow all expectations away. A five pound bone would tow three wild steelhead backwards for sport. Did you spool enough backing? No, but it’ll be fine. The sound of your reel shreiking will ring in your ears for the year to come, until you simply have to book again and come back.

And if the fish gods bless you, as they did my undeserving ass last year with this 20lb ‘cuda (above), you will come to an even greater understanding, as I did, how fishing is not simply a mediative sport, but transcendent life experience.

Life is short. Get on the Deneki site and book your own ticket to heightened awareness to Andros South and join us, The Flyfish Journal crew, 5/6-5/13 for BahamaCon 014. Drop in, turn on, cast out.

The Flyfish Journal
South Andros, Bahamas – The water is moonshine clear, the bonefish are thick and the runs are blazing. The sun, the beaches, and the people are warm. The beer is cold, and the rum, ice and limes are plentiful. The conch is delicious and the new friends are real. The lodge is private and comfortable. For years you’ve been saying it while Google-ogling the images: the time is now. Join The Flyfish Journal crew and an all-star group of staff, icons, and surprise guests for “BahamaCon 2014”: up to 7 days on the legendary flats of Deneki’s Andros South Lodge, May 6-13, 2014. Featuring a gathering of readers, editors, industry leaders and special invitees, experience a week of bonefishing (and barracuda and snapper and…) unlike any other, in a welcoming environment of all ability levels, men and women, young and old. Names you may recognize, and faces to place them, all coming together to connect and celebrate as bonefish burn lines into the sunrise.

Our format for BahamaCon 2014 is simple: Go fish. All day. Return, enjoy conversation and refreshments at the well-stocked beachside grass shack, dinner, relax, bed. Repeat. BahamaCon serves as an informal symposium with fascinating attendees and discussions. All participants will greatly expand their knowledge and appreciation for flyfishing conservation, photography, writing, culture and shotgunning cold lagers. Music and/or improvised sports may erupt at any moment. Special sponsor gift packages for attendees. Captains of industry and homeless steelheaders equally welcome. Vicious pranks inflicted on close friends are encouraged. Seven days (or any combination you wish to book) to remember for life. Facial tattoos not included.

Spots are limited and extended to any TFFJ reader, contributor or advertiser who wishes to join us, first come first served. Contact Andros South staff today via http://www.deneki.com/androssouth/ or 1-800-344-3628 (US) or 1(907) 563 9788 (Intl) and reserve your spot for The Flyfish Journal‘s BahamaCon 2014 and see you on the flats.


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