Shark Whisperer Gets Top Billing

Got this dispatch from FFJ friend Conway Bowman AKA The Shark Whisperer, with himself front and center announcing a new market for The Sportsman Channel and his show “Fly Fishing the World”. Note a certain former Alaskan Governor and Paul Revere historian deep in the background.

Couldn’t resist resist putting this one up. Been a big fan of Conway’s since he barged into our cab in Denver years ago at the trade show in Denver. Within a few blocks, he had my staff and the cab driver ready to drop everything and book a mako trip to San Diego — the dude is that compelling and passionate.

Appearently he is going to be at Andros South when our FFJ crew is there in a few weeks, very much looking fwd to connecting with the man again.

And be sure to catch Sarah Palin this summer alongside the milking goat displays at various county fairs, opening for Aldo Nova.


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