More Iceland Please! Yow Dispatch!

Will Moss weighs in with an update from the Yow crew in Iceland. Read on fishers…


-Photo RC Cone

“It’s been four weeks since wheels down in Iceland. In that time we’ve covered countless miles, stealth-camped on the rare white-sand beaches of the West Fjords, invaded fishing lodges, scavenged for hot meals like peasants and feasted like conquering vikings. We’ve danced all night in Reykjavik. We’ve watched the sun dip below the northern Atlantic horizon for mere hours before rising again in stunning form. We’ve made friends here …

Oddly enough, they’re all named Ingo.


Photo: Elli Thor www.ellithor.com

Ingo Helgason, of Icelandic Fly Fisherman, has provided us access to some of the country’s premier salmon waters and introduced us to a culture very different from that of the Montana trout bum.


Photo: RC Cone

Ingo Olson, of Arctic Surfers, has shown us the plight of the Icelandic wave junkie – driving hundreds of kilometers at a moments notice to chase a surprise swell. He’s also, time and time again, introduced us to a country and culture that is miles away from the well-beaten path that growing hordes of tourists have increasingly followed across this scenic land.

Example number one: Betty’s Beach.

After a few days of competitive sightseeing across northwestern Iceland, we turned to Ingo with a simple, desperate request: save us from tourist hell.


Photo: Elli Thor www.ellithor.com

And he delivered. Within hours we had dead-ended at a 16-generation sheep farm where an unnamed and basically unfished river emptied into the North Atlantic.

Three days later, we had not only caught our fill of sea-run trout and Atlantic salmon, but had learned how to feed a lamb and given the 15-year-old farm hand a crash course in fly-fishing, hopefully empowering him with the knowledge to catch his first fish on fly in the near future.” -RC Cone

Photo: RC Cone


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