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Found some good tweets on the internet. Good stuff, get your chuckle on. If you like what the’re tweeting hit the little follow button, if you’re into that sort of thing.

peetso @theborealist tweets “Streamside observations: if you’re fishing nymphs to cutthroat in July you’re probably an a-hole ‪#flyfishing‬”

Tim Harden @TimHardenFly tweets “I want to see a movie called StoneflyNado. ‪#flyfishing‬ ‪#stoneflies‬”

Sagebrush Rise @Sagebrushrise tweets “That smell in the back of your truck 1 week into a ‪#flyfishing‬ roadtrip…” -Photo: @Sagebrushrise

Taylor Nauta @TaylorNauta tweets “I would NEVER get a tattoo on my hands but if I did, this would be it!” -Photo: @TaylorNautanullTaylor_Nauta.jpg

Jackson Stonehammer @CrazyUncleLarry tweets “I didn’t see a human in several hours and 34 miles. All on public lands. #publiclandsrock #backcountryisthebestcountry” -Photo: @CrazyUncleLarry


And there you have it, flyfishing and Twitter, what a great combination.


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