In Search Of El Grande

The fisher dudes in the photo above, friend Alex Beck and his fishing buddy Mark Martin aren’t just wearing wresting masks. They’re also wearing Facekini’s, which we think are way cooler than any other sun protective bandana you can cover yourself up with, and quite popular along the beaches of China’s Qingdao. Pretty sure they’ll increase in popularity among the flyfishing brethren too, no doubt making it even easier to spook fish. I bet the chick’s will dig it … errr … spook too, but thats nothing new.

TFFJ contributor and creative content developer Adam Feuerman has teamed up with Alex and Mark to make a film about chasing your ‘Grande’. In thier case, it’s a large Pez Gallo in Baja, Mexico. The film is inspirational and motivational in that they are chasing goals and hoping to spread a larger message, larger than the roosterfish they may or may not catch, about one’s own ‘Grande’ which is going to be different for all of us. It’s not Running Down the Man, but running down your own man, whoever and whatever that is. I’m running down a Facekini.

Adam, Alex, and Mark are shaking thier upturned hats and tip jar’s in hopes or raising enough money to finish the film in time for film festival submission deadlines. You can find out more about the project here, and check out the trailer below.

And if anyone is headed to China, I’ll take two of those Facekini’s please.


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