A Deliberate Life

TFFJ contributor Matt Smythe(fishingpoet) and Silo 4 company have finished their full film A Deliberate Life, which you can now pre-order or purchase via Vimeo-On-Demand. It’s ten bucks and the film is 33 minutes long. That’s three minutes of flyfishing goodness per dollar, in case you wondered.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we let ourselves dream about living life on our own terms. When we wrestle with the decision to take a step into traffic, follow our passions and live deliberately – or simply let another day, and daydream, pass.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if we make the decision of our own accord, or life makes it for us. It’s where our heart and soul are that matter. For some, the result is a closer alignment between vocation and avocation, for some it’s a re-prioritization of what’s important in life, for some it’s the very real difference between life and death.

Set primarily against the diverse, rugged and breathtaking landscape of Idaho and Oregon, A Deliberate Life explores the stories of five unlikely friends who share the same love of fly fishing and the outdoors and their choice to lead a life according to their passions.


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