Steelhead Summit Alliance

Goals of Steelhead Summit Alliance:

Provide an understanding of the history and present condition of wild steelhead in the Skagit River Basin.

Provide a platform for discussion regarding the future and identify ideal management methods that would provide the highest potential for recovery of wild Skagit steelhead.

Seize the incredible opportunity and gain support for designating the entire Skagit Basin as a Wild Steelhead Gene Bank

Groups, anglers and citizens concerned about the restoration and protection of native, wild steelhead of the Skagit River in Washington should watch these videos, recorded on April 18, 2015 at the 10th Steelhead Summit Alliance.

These presentations are from noted scientists who work on fisheries management and habitat research in the Skagit River basin.

Videos provided by Shane Anderson/North Fork Studios.

Click here for the full Youtube playlist.



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