Via Catch 1 Films: “Xplor is an exciting film project that places 2 fly anglers against the ocean. Part survival, part fishing, this film is a unique view into a simple yet challenging course. The trip will begin on the north side of Andros island and will cover some 130 odd miles of the islands uninhabited back country and nearshore reefs. All gear and rations will have to fit inside the small confines of a 17 foot flats skiff. All protein must be derived from the ocean and prepared at the established camp site outlaid at the start of the trip. We will move down the island in search or tarpon, permit, and bonefish as well as snapper and other near shore species. We will also be carrying a small assortment of dive gear that will enable us to gather food in that manner as well. All gamefish species will be released after DNA samples have been taken to help conservation research. We will not be able to re-provision during the length of our trip. Thank you for watching and hopefully SHARING, Xplor.”


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