Colorado Summertime Fix

There is nothing like summertime in the mountains of Colorado. Thunderstorms, sunshine, green drake hatches and those lovely freestone rivers. I was able to get back for a few days on the water during a quick trip earlier this summer. A big thanks to Marc Basset, Kurt Olesek and Josh Lively for the good times on the water, cathcing all those fish, and rowing all those boats.

null00_150710_tree_nursery_4962.jpgHappened to catch the green drake hatch on the Roaring Fork for a few nights … so sweet it is.

null01_two_chair_spot_5550.jpgThis looks like a nice place to sit and watch the water go by.

null02_150711_river_safety_and_fish_karma_mission_5106.jpgAlpine Angling/Roaring Fork Anglers guide Marc Basset getting dirty and doing a little river maintenence on the Roaring Fork.

null03_josh_can_multitask_5215.jpgAlpine Angling/Roaring Fork Anglers guide Josh Lively can multitask like a champ.

null04_buttery_brown_5786.jpgBank hugging brown trout inhale large dry flies in the middle of the day.

null05_slab_in_the_net_5299.jpgVail Valley Anglers guide Kurt Olesek dips down for a slab rainbow.

null06_going_to_need_a_bigger_net_5654.jpgHaving fun with fishnets.

null07_josh_waves_hi_5757.jpgJosh Lively stays positive at the worst place in the world, a muddy takeout ramp swarming with mosquitos.

null08_nice_brown_trout_5512.jpgSummertime streamer munching brown trout.

null09_ninja_mends_5414.jpgJosh Lively gets all ninja when he mends line. HI-YA!

null10_great_spots_5799.jpgSuch great spots on this young whippersnapper.

null11_ko_lookback_5726.jpgA classic Kurt Olesek look back while Josh Lively keep his eyes on tiny dry flies.

null12_all_kinds_of_shit_going_on_5293.jpgThere is so much going on right here.

null13_river_shelter_5149.jpgRiver shelter on the Roaring Fork.

null14_roaring_fork_5160.jpgMorning sunshine on the Roaring Fork in Carbondale, CO.


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