Epic Trash Piles

Words and Photos: Copi Vojta

Here in the Northwest, we’ve had much colder temperatures recently, and the majority of the precipitation is falling as snow. Powder hounds are happy, as are anglers. With cold temperatures come stable river flows and fishable conditions. Last winter was warm and all of the water flowed downhill to the ocean, leaving little in frozen form to feed the rivers over the summer months. The drought in Western Washington was officially lifted sometime last week.

I’m lucky enough to play hooky from the office and spend time on the water when I do. Recently I met with TFFJ contributors Bobby Foster and Jason Lee Rolfe. It was very wet and I saw snowflakes in Washington for the first time since I moved here. They were slushy and melted as soon as they landed, but fell slower than raindrops so I called them snowflakes. Anytime you meet up and camp in adverse conditions is fun when the company is nice, no matter the fishing.

In the morning we walked forty minutes and saw grouse, deer, erosion and fog and someone beat us to the run. That was a hard walk back to the truck, but before that happened, we ran into friends from Wild Steelhead Coalition and laughing on the bank made the little fishing worth it. We explored a bit for the rest of the day, finding epic trash piles in the woods and a few char in the river. I am utterly amazed that certain members of American society think it an approproate act to dump their garbage in the woods.

Keep scrolling for a handful of photos from the weekend.

null01_151218_skagit_bank_8099.jpgS Bank

null02_foggy_walk_in_8128.jpg03_good_look_8143.jpg02_foggy_walk_in_8128.jpgFoggy Walk In

null03_good_look_8143.jpgGood Look

null04_sun_saying_hi_8146.jpgSun Saying Hi


null06_gravel_bar_moves_8166.jpgGravel Bar Moves

null07_151219_foster_checking_the_rig_8173.jpgFoster Checking The Rig

null08_walking_out_8221.jpgWalking Out

null09_epic_trash_piles_8249.jpgEpic Trash Piles

null10_epic_boat_in_the_woods_8263.jpgEpic Boat in the Woods

null11_straight_river_8303.jpgStraight River



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