Through The Guides

From The Noble Lab:

“Through the Guides” is a short form documentary featuring fly fishing guides who show us how to read water, catch more fish, and love the places fishing takes us. Every guide has a story beyond their last trip and fishing report that we don’t see. “Through the Guides” explores the person behind the reel, accentuating their passion to pursue the lifestyle that defines them.

Visiting three very different fisheries and following three very different guides, we see what motivates them and how their life away from fishing influences how they chase fish. Contrasting species, landscapes, and personalities all come together in the context of their passion, coaching, and sharing the experience with anyone on their boat.

The life of a fly fishing guide is defined by water, fish, and hard work. Maybe they were born to guide, or maybe they learned to love it. Either way, their unique approaches and dedication to the sport influence their lives on and off the water.


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