Tailing Glove Public Service Announcement

From Sean Dolan:

“The danger of using tailing gloves on Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout.

The tailing glove/white glove/fish slime glove has become popular from TV shows in the last 10 years or more.

When asking people why they use a tailing glove the response is almost always “it makes it easier to handle a fish!” Of course they are right, but the cost of using one is the loss of the protective slime coat of the fish…The ole “slimy fish glove handshake” comes out and everyone figures the fish is fine.

The fish is NOT fine, you have just removed it’s only protection from pathogens and diseases found in the water. Most commonly for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout is saprolegnia (fungus) that will grow on the open wound and eventually take over and kill the fish or make an easy meal for predators.

The video below is proof of what happens and hopefully anyone that uses or has used gloves in the past will never use them again in the future!”


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