Mile High 25

Mile High 25 fly fishing tournament isn’t about the biggest catch but about catching as many species as possible. The first annual Mile High 25 is starting on June 24th and is sponsored by Simms Fishing Products. Two-person teams have two days to catch as many species from a list of 25 eligible game fish, whoever catches the most wins.


Like any good tournament the weekend begins and ends with festivities. On Friday June 24th all teams gather for a happy hour kick-off party and listen to the rules and regulations from the tournament officials. Before the teams go home to rest for the first day of fishing they are given Mile High 25 swag: hats, shirts and fly fishing goodies.

Saturday and Sunday the teams take off anywhere in Colorado to catch as many of the species as they can. At 3PM on Sunday all lines are out of the water and teams are welcomed back with a BBQ, family, and friends. Pictures from the teams are looked over, check-lists checked, and the team who caught the most amount of species from the list wins the cash prize.

Mile High 25 proves to be a fly fishing tournament with a little twist that will inspire anglers to get out exploring new places and species around Colorado.



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