Nick Mayer Art

Nick Mayer, award winning artist, lives and works past the river and up the dirt roads that lace the Vermont hillsides. He creates pieces of art with a scientist’s eye; examining the scales, the eyes, how the shades move over the fish. The beautiful moments that we all hold onto is what he paints. The catch so big you feel its fat pour through your fingers, when you get a fish in your hands after a long fight; most of us take pictures and hold onto them, Mayer does as well but to hold the memory he paints it.

From afar the pieces may look like simple illustrations but take one step closer and the details erupt on the canvas. The shading behind each scale makes them pop individually while collaborating as a whole to show the shape and curves of the fish. Mayer’s self-taught techniques carry his scientific interpretations of fish into art that would catch anyone’s eye.

Mayer grew up with a balance of art and science in his life. In school he focused on sciences and at home he drew everything from whales to snakes with pants and shirts on. The harmony of these two worlds has never left him. From working with the Alaska Fish and Game on deep sea rigs, to working as a marine biologist in Costa rica, he has kept the symphony of the two worlds intertwined.

Just three years ago painting became his full-time job but he still finds a bit of time to fish for pike and muskies. To find more of his work or contact him, check out his site here.




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