Richard Hugo: Kicking The Loose Gravel Home

The Full Film From Annick Smith

Take a closer look at Richard Hugo and his magnificent wordsmithing in Annick Smith’s film ‘Richard Hugo: Kicking The Loose Gravel Home’. Rewind to TFFJ 5.4 and the profile on Hugo from Michael Checchio.

From The Montana Experience: “Directed by Montana author/filmmaker Annick Smith, the film traces Hugo’s life from his grim childhood, through his experiences as a bombardier in World War II, to his creative writing professorship at the University of Montana.. With intimate moments from Hugo’s life, the film intricately ties his writings to the western places he loves the most: saloons, fishing holes, abandoned towns, and a home in Rattlesnake Canyon. The rhythms, emotions, humor and rollicking language of Montana’s greatest poet comes alive to audiences who never had the good luck of knowing him in person.”


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