BahamaCon 2017

Join us for Bones, Rum and Warmth at Andros South

The dog’s water dish is frozen solid. And it’s in the garage. You let the truck warm the earth up several degrees before you’re willing to leave the driveway. You’ve tied an entire elk’s pelt worth of caddis flies and now you’re considering putting a tenkara casting pond in the basement. And you still have 10 more weeks of winter…

Take heart; your comrades at The Flyfish Journal are here for you. Once again, we invite readers, friends, fans and innocent bystanders to join us for a week of sunshine, turquoise waters and more feisty bonefish than anywhere on the planet. We’re talking Deneki’s Andros South, one of the most legendary bonefish lodges on the planet with miles of nothing but incredible flats — and no footprints or boat wakes. With friendly and deeply knowledgeable local guides to help, whether you are chasing your thousandth bonefish, or your first.

Private rooms, beverages included, shaky wifi; it’s perfect. Join our crew from The Flyfish Journal for your own winter shake out.

March 25-April 1st. Lodging info, booking, etc at

And forget about the basement casting pond.


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