Gold Fever

Fly Fishing California’s Gold Country

Mikey Wier of Burl Productions and his crew of skilled streamer slinging boaters have released the full edit of Gold Fever, a lynchpin and an official selection of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival(IF4).

Put in, strip set and hold on tight.

“Gold Fever is when you get the taste of gold and you will stop at nothing to get more! Jobs, relationships, obligations are disregarded. The only thing you can think about is another nugget. In this case those nuggets are huge wild brown trout from the heart of the Mother Lode in the Sierra Foothills of California.
For the past 6 years a group of friends have banned together to unlock the secrets of a hidden fishery. Tucked deep in a remote canyon this ribbon of crystal clear water holds a robust population of wild Rainbows and a few Trophy Browns that have seldom seen a hook. The only way to access this stretch of river is by boat, but you have to run some serious white water to do it. Guarded by a class 4+ rapid at the top of the run and a class 5+ waterfall at the bottom, with multiple class 3 and 4 rapids in- between, only the most committed boaters dare enter. Few have the combination of skills to run the rapids and chuck big streamers. Gold Fever will take the viewers on a wild ride through this world-class white water and rugged canyon and show what it takes to get into the zone. The risks are real but the payoffs are big!”


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