#Kick Plastic

Fly Shops Take Note

Loud hand claps to the American Fly Fishing Trade Association and Costa for the combined effort to #kickplastic by encouraging the replacement of the ubiquitous plastic fly cups you find in fly shops. Sure they’re a pretty handy way to store flies in the interim from shop purchase to actual getting-around-to-putting-them-in-a-box. But once they start to pile up, it’s pretty easy to loose a few into the stream. And we all know the problems with plastic, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s gross, and every little thing we can do to reduces our use of plastics makes a big difference.

AFFTA is now making it easy for shop owners to source recycled reusable paper fly boxes. Just as portable, secure and convenient as the plastic alternative, but square, recycleable and biodegradable. Nicely done.

kick plastic
Kick Plastic with recycleable fly boxes

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