Save The Chuitna

Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Save The Chuitna’s miniseries we’re introduced to the president of Tyonek Village Al Goozmer and his thoughts on what is at stake if the PacRim coal mines were to be allowed.

From Save The Chuitna: “The Native Village of Tyonek is located at the mouth of the Chuitna where the people have relied on returning wild salmon for generations. But PacRim Coal has proposed to mine through 14 miles of salmon streams in it’s first phase of a massive open pit strip mine and threatens the entire way of life for the Tyonek Village.”

For a written account of the issues the people living near the Chuitna are facing, check out Paul Moinesters great piece Black Gold Vs. Red Gold in TFFJ 6.4.

Text the word Salmon to 877877 to join the fight. We can do this.



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