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The Water is Ours

Today marks an even greater challenge for those of us concerned about water quality, habitat, viable fisheries and ultimately safe and clean drinking water. Basically anyone alive in this country.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has today chosen to sign an executive order unraveling years of bipartisan work establishing a baseline for clean and fishable water in America: The Clean Water Act. Kowtowing to corporate and political interests over the public good, The Donald has made clear his intentions for American sportsmen and our natural resources. And it doesn’t look good.

With a focus on preserving headwater flows and water quality, the Clean Water Act is the most effective way to maintain viable fish and wildlife populations downstream. For anyone who has stood alone in the middle of a small wild trout stream, the idea of eroding protections for these spaces and public resources is unconscionable.

This is especially true in our neck of the woods with Puget Sound wild steelhead and salmon populations finally getting a break, only to now take two steps backwards.

It’s the public’s water and it’s time to fight back. Get mad as hell and call the White House (202) 456 1111. Twice a day. Call your senator and your representative And call them again tomorrow. Go to their local offices. And go again next week. Keep on it; like a fish of a thousand casts, this one is worth pursuing and nothing pressures our government like well, public pressure.

Please take a moment to review this thoughtful response by Trout Unlimited CEO and President Chris Wood

Avid fly fisher, hunter and Instagram follower of The Flyfish Journal, Donald Trump, Jr is also a member of Trout Unlimited and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (lifetime member). As well, he actively campaigned for his father on the idea of maintaining and protecting public lands. As publisher of The Flyfish Journal, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with Donald Jr about his personal connections to the outdoors, his thoughts on the Clean Water Act and what actions he is taking to protect our streams. He can contact me directly at

Make no mistake, the water is ours. And like Chris Wood says, “Gravity does not take a day off”. It all flows downstream.



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