Bluefin Tuna on the Fly from BFT-Media

It's Another Jaw Dropper

In the case that you had an extra hand at the ready to prop up your jaw, click the play button on that big video preview just above these words. You’ll see some incredibly dramatic footage of bluefin tuna crashing bait somewhere in the ocean. The Vimeo description from the BFT-media crew is in French or some other language we can’t read, so we’re not sure where these fellows found the feeding frenzies. Does it really matter though? There’s drone footage, slo-mo of these rad fish airborne, and then, you’ll see some folks catching them on flyrods. Can only imagine the strength they possess.

Ok, we broke down and did a quick internet translation of┬áthe BFT-Media’s Vimeo: “Blue Fin Tuna On The Fly Project is a project of a bluefin tuna fishing film on a full season. Who would not dream of taking a … “Blue Fin Tuna On the Fly” Have the opportunity to fish this fish on surface hunts !!! What’s more exciting for a fisherman?
Different techniques allow to take these fish. But some extreme fishermen have decided to use the lightest fishing techniques, fly fishing, to catch the most powerful fish, bluefin tuna.”

Happy Thursday. Make sure you clean up that puddle of drool on your desk before you get back to work. We almost forgot…


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