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Exploratory Jungle Tarpon

Taking second place in Rio Products Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards, Andrew Luedke headed to the no mans lands of Central America to explore new territory. Putting in the time and energy like Andrew did is really rewarding when it pays off, if it pays off. It may have taken awhile, but it sure beats the ordinary. Nicely done gentlemen.

From Andrew: “For good reason, the ultimate Tarpon fishery will always be debated amongst anglers across the world. What’s not, is the exhilarating experience that chasing these powerful, elusive, and acrobatic species bring.

In this film, a group of anglers venture into the unknown to explore a new fishery. They persevered through days of no fish and intense weather to find out that Tarpon fishing has parallels to life and is about more than just the catch.”

Check out the other finalists here, and vote for your favorite!


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