A River’s Last Chance Kickfinish Campaign

A Story of Salmon, Timber, Weed and Wine Along California's Mighty Eel River

Shane Anderson and company(namely Cal Trout, Pacific Rivers and Jason Hartwick) have just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise ducketts to complete A River’s Last Chance, a story of salmon, timber, weed and wine along California’s mighty Eel River.

There is a ton of great backer rewards including some pretty boss stickers which can be yours for ten bucks. Skip a few beers this weekend and help support this team of passionate folks working for the rivers and fish.

In this case, a ton of work has already been done so maybe we can can it a kickfinish campaign? Whatever you want to call it, call it important, call it educational, call it necessary and check the trailer above and head on over to the films kickfinish page and dig out a few bucks.


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