Steelhead Country

Episode 5 - The Last Wilderness

Check out the fifth episode from Wild Steelhead Coalition‘s mini series Steelhead Country, a six part campaign from Shane Anderson exploring the rise and fall of the Washington’s wild steelhead fisheries. Learn more and take action at

From WSC: “It’s a land of giants; towering evergreen trees, luminary anglers, and legendary wild steelhead, some as large as those anywhere else on Earth. Throughout history Washington’s Olympic Peninsula has been called “The Last Wilderness”. Today, it’s Steelhead Country’s last best place.

But as crowds of anglers have descended from around the state and across the country, and as the heavy harvest from gillnets strung by tribal co-managers shows little sign of abating, the “OP” is stretched to the breaking point. The data paints a familiar picture, one reminiscent of the collapse of Puget Sound’s once mighty wild steelhead runs. Are we fated to repeat the history? Or will new regulations, new partnerships and a new commitment to conservation save the wild steelhead that still return to one the wildest places we have left?

The Wild Steelhead Coalition, Patagonia, and award-winning filmmaker Shane Anderson have teamed up to produce a new film series called Steelhead Country. The six-episode series explores the rise and fall of angling for wild steelhead in Washington State – from the heydey of steelheading on the Puyallup River to the litany of legendary rivers that are now closed throughout Puget Sound, including the mighty Skagit. Follow along as Steelhead Country explores the past, present, and hopeful future for this iconic species.”


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