A beautiful babine River wild Steelhead


Babine For A Benjamin

Native Fish Society Raffle

Got a benjamin burning a hole in your pocket and love to fish for wild steelhead? Native Fish Society has a great way to spend it: the Babine For A Benjamin raffle.

For one hundred bucks you can be entered into a drawing to win a trip to the Babine River in British Columbia to fish with Epic Waters and Babine Steelhead Lodge. As if you need more motivation, there are more wild steelhead weighing 20 pounds or more in the Babine than anywhere else in the world.

Tickets are being sold through June 14th with the drawing being held on the 15th, so don’t¬†miss out on this incredible opportunity to fish your brains out and support good folks doing great work for wild fish.

If you don’t win, you’ll sleep well knowing that every penny raised by NFS during this campaign goes towards the work they do to protect and recover wild, native fish in their Northwest homewaters.

For the official contest page and more information click here!

Flyfishing for wild steelhead in British Columbia
Photo: Adam Tavender

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