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Writers on the Fly

Filson Flagship Store

Pacific Northwesterners, make sure to mark your calendars for June 29th, and head on out to the Filson Flagship store in Seattle, WA for the latest Writers on the Fly event.

WotF, as abbreviated, is a celebration of flyfishing and all things surrounding. Get together a handful of writers, a fishy venue, a solid audience, and mix it up with some good local suds and see what happens. It’s fun. Check out this short video from an older event for a short taste.

Featuring Langdon Cook, who has a new book out, Paul Moinester, Gregory Fitz and Copi Vojta. Always a great time and this event will be a great send off into the highly anticipated PNW summer season.

Check here for more info, as well as the flyer below.

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