30 Reasons

A great trailer for an upcoming film about realizing your dreams no matter how large the obstacles encountered may appear.

“This is the beginning of a story with uncertain end. A movie not just about fishing – a documentary about life! Witness the start of an adventure objectively bound to fail. Follow a quadriplegic in his attempt to fulfill his one, and seemingly most important, dream left – the practically impossible mission to travel the world and catch his personal 30 not yet caught species on fly.

This is a journey captured in a cinema-quality documentary outside pre-defined formats. Where and how this journey will end is yet unclear – we simply cannot estimate, what may happen when traveling into hostile environments around the world despite being paralyzed from breast downwards, without the capability to survive in temperatures exceeding 82°F and constantly tied to a wheelchair.

This is not a commercial project. This project is for everyone – be they challenged by limitations as visible as in this film, or invisible like most, be they fishermen or physicians, truck drivers or lawyers: it‘s for everyone, who dares to believe in dreams.

There are 1000 reasons why this is a story worth telling. With your engagement, you can helps this film to be realized.
Just the film. The adventure already happens anyway.”

For more info on the 30 Reasons film project, check out their website here.


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