The Joe Brooks Story

A 90 Minute Feature Documentary

“Joe Brooks is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met in my life” – Lefty Kreh

We’re looking forward this documentary on writer, sportsmen and fly fishing icon, Joe Brooks. To keep up with the films progress, and to learn more about ways you can help, head over to,

From the folks behind the film: “In his 71 years Joe Brooks lived three lifetimes. From his privileged youth to a broken alcoholic to one of the most revered sportsmen of his time, Joe’s life is as complex as it is inspirational. Few people manage to change themselves in any meaningful way. But Joe did and, in doing so, he changed the world. To appreciate Joe’s impact on the world of fly fishing, it is important to understand the man who spent his life sharing his passion with anyone who would listen. To document his extraordinary tale, the Joe Brooks documentary team will capture the story of Brooks as told by the friends and family who knew him best on the very waters that Joe loved most. Few knew Joe prior to his successful years as an outdoor writer. Delving deep into Joe’s troubled past as he struggled to find his way will offer insight into the man who is known and loved around the globe. Joe’s addictive personality nearly killed him, but it’s that very flaw that fed his obsession with fly fishing.”


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