Running the Gauntlet

BC Salmon’s Journey to the High Seas

A wonderfully filmed and educational short looking at the risks facing young British Columbia salmon during their out-migration.

From the Hakai Insitute: “Young salmon exiting the Fraser River are only at the start of a long ocean journey to their maturing grounds in the far north Pacific. But what challenges must they overcome to survive their first weeks at sea, when they are at their most vulnerable? How does their environment – from physical ocean conditions, to the plankton productivity that provides the food they need to grow, to human influences – affect how many of them will ultimately make it back to the stream of their birth to spawn?

Hakai Institute researchers Brian Hunt and Martin Krkosek are deploying their field teams to find out. Teams are working from two nodes, in the Discovery Islands and north in the Johnstone Strait, to monitor the juvenile salmon as they begin their oceangoing lives.”


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