Santa Clara River

Restoring Resiliance

The good folks of California Trout are doing great things for one of the wildest watersheds in the southern part of the state. With the help of The Nature Conservancy and other partners CalTrout’s Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition are working towards protecting and enhancing native riparian zones and endangered species, such as southern California steelhead.

From California Trout: “The Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition currently serves as a vehicle for coordination among agency programs and private sector activities across jurisdictions to target high priority projects, and to improve the timeliness and cost-effectiveness of Southern California steelhead recovery in the Santa Clara River watershed. The Coalition is also exploring opportunities to secure and provide funding for steelhead restoration projects and extensive public engagement and outreach.

By combining the experience and knowledge from a broad spectrum of fish passage improvement, biodiversity and water conservation proponents and projects, Coalition members are able to work more efficiently and in a highly coordinated fashion to identify and remedy technical and procedural obstacles as they arise.”

For more information on the Santa Clara River Steelhead Coalition, how to volunteer for projects, attend outreach events or donate to one of CalTrouts projects please visit


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