Arapaima Jungle Fish

The Full Indifly/Costa Film

The full film, Jungle Fish is now online and available to watch for free. Follow along with anglers Matt Breuer, Oliver White and Nathan Webber as they trek deep into the Guyanan jungle to angle an Arapaima on fly for the first time.

From our partner Costa Del Mar: “Watch as a group of anglers attempt to catch an Arapaima on a fly for the first time in the jungles of the small South American country of Guyana. If they succeed, the resulting opportunity to host fisherman can save this remote village’s way of life and protect the surrounding pristine rainforest, not to mention this ancient fish.

Jungle Fish not only found critical acclaim from the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, it propelled a movement to work with indigenous people to help them create a sustainable lively hood through fly fishing while learning to protect the pristine environments the fish need to live. Other Indifly projects have sprung up around the globe.”


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