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The Fly Tapes

Writers on the Fly Podcast

Podcasts might just be the new 5 weight. We’re guilty of enjoying the trend, they are great on road trips when you get sick of the tunes on your device, the cd scratches or the tape gets eaten and the FM signal fades as you hit the dirt road. Now there is another great new fly fishing podcast to keep you company.

Jason Rolfe, mastermind behind the popular Writers on the Fly reading series has launched The Fly Tapes, available on iTunes, a new fly fishing podcast and online supplement to the WotF series. It’s gonna be great, check out the first episode with Dylan Tomine, which just dropped.

“Follow The Fly Tapes Podcast on iTunes and at Syzygy Fly Fishing for enriching conversations with fly fishing writers and artists, and readings from some of the best new and old voices in the world of fly fishing writing. Reading excerpts from Dylan Tomine, Langdon Cook, Cameron K. Scott, and Steve Duda.

The Fly Tapes Podcast is made possible with generous support from Patagonia.”

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Jason Rolfe speaks in Vancouver, BC, during the 2016 Writers on the Fly Cascadia Tour.

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