Aerial Project 33K

Not a Drone

Any time I fly, when possible, I choose a window seat. So what if it’s more of a hassle to get up and use the head or grab an item from the overhead compartment, the different perspectives gained while looking out the window are worth it. Belittling, humbling, beautiful, the aerial views from a passenger jet, from take-off to cruising altitude are are amazing.

I play a little game when I fly over familiar territory, without looking at the in-flight maps, I guess which rivers and mountain ranges I’m currently flying over. I have certain flight paths from the southwest to the northwest pretty dialed and there are several pretty obvious landmarks at that elevation. More than a few ranges, canyons and rivers stump me but it’s a fun way to test my geographic knowledge.

Enjoy this beautiful piece from visual artist Vincent Laforet, and don’t forget to look down the next time you nab a window seat.

From Vincent LaForet: “This is a very special project to me that I conceived of and directed for one of my favorite clients who shall remain nameless for now. Over several months of prep and R&D we modified a LearJet and flew above the earth looking straight down at the shear beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer us that we all too often miss from the ground. Shot on RED in 8K.”


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