Spey Casting Demo Reel

British Columbia Lasers

Our latest Shutterbuggin’ photographer Aaron Goodis just released this sweet teaser for an upcoming spey casting instructional video he and Tim Arsenault are producing. The sequence at 0:27 in is especially jaw dropping, fair warning, you may want to look around for something to prop up your bottom jaw.

From Aaron: “This is a trailer for the highly anticipated Spey casting instructional video produced by Tim Arsenault and Aaron Goodis. Production started in early 2016 but due to unforeseen medical complications Aaron had to back out from production late that fall. As Aaron improves we are super stoked to get back to filming in early 2018! I hope enjoy the trailer and if you have any questions please email at

For Spey casting instruction please contact Tim Arsenault at Michael & Young Fly Shop (Vancouver location).


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