Rise, Fall and Restoration in Back Bay, Virginia

Videos of suspender-clad old-timers talking about the size of fish populations “back in the day,” are always equal parts fascinating and melancholic. This short by Flymen Fishing Company delivers as both interesting and eye-opening, and while underlining the rise and fall of bass populations in Back Bay, Virginia, it also highlights the subsequent restoration of a once-legendary coastal fishery.

Featuring Lefty Kreh and Walt Cary, the film details the abrupt rise in popularity that the Back Bay fishery experienced in the middle of the century (“Harold had to open up his corn field as a parking lot!” Cary says at one point to indicate just how busy it got) followed by the decades of work needed to restore the largemouth fishery to its former glory, having been decimated by sport fishing in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

As success stories like this are a semi-rare find in the flyfishing film world, we’d say this one is worth checking out — come for the discourse on restoring and conserving a hugely-popular bass fishery, but maybe stick around for the drone shots of largemouth lunkers hitting big ole poppers.


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