Rockport Resilient

Post Hurricane Harvey

A fly fishing guides perspective on the current state of Rockport, Texas gulf fishery and communities after hurricane Harvey. Plan a trip, the fishing is fine.

“Everything’s fine. And the best way to help Rockport, you know, is, now, is just to show up, and support the town. And when you come to town, you know, go out to dinner and support a restaurant, or get a coffee at the coffee shop, and these people, you know,¬†they’re trying to get back to normal as quickly as they can and it’s not easy, but its the best we all can do is just go out and support our community.”

Wise words form Capt. Jeff Johnson of Flyfish Rockport, urging visitors to know that the fishery is holding strong, as are the people affected by hurricane Harvey, but it’s always a good idea to support local small business, especially in the wake of such a devastating disaster.

From reeltatetales: “When given the opportunity to travel down to Rockport, Texas and fly fish with Capt. Jeff Johnson, I took it. He asked me to come up with the best way to share how the city of Rockport is doing post hurricane. I knew right then, we needed to make a video. We both agreed, a video would be a great way to tell folks that Rockport is on the up and up. The fishing is still great, and there are accommodations in and around the city for visitors to stay as well as eat. Please share this video to update folks on how Rockport is doing. The fishing and tourist community can and will pick back up, and the gulf coast will continue to rebuild. Special thanks to Capt. Jeff Johnson for having the great idea of sharing where Rockport is today, and for making this video possible.”


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