Touching the Sun

Flyfishing and Bikepacking in Northern Minnesota

Mountain biking is definitely an underutilized means of fishing access. Think about it — even if you’re loaded down with 50 pounds of camping and fishing gear, you can still cover five or six miles in an hour of biking versus two or three hoofin it. If nothing else, that gives you more time to fish, even if bikepacking with that much stuff sounds like it could collapse into chaos pretty quick.

In Touching the Sun, made in collaboration with Salsa Cycles, Midwesterners Hansi Johnson and Mike Riemer have us daydreaming about the possibilities of bike-access fishing, particularly in places where the trails are mellow enough to make this not only possible but enjoyable. At the very least, we kind of want to give this a shot just to justify getting our hands on these rad brook trout panniers and frame bags.



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