Filson’s Life of a Guide

Part mechanic, part general contractor, part psychologist, part chef, oh yeah they’re also fly fishing guides. Take a look at the day to day of an Alagnak River, Alaska fly fishing guide in this sweet short from Filson.

Being located remotely in the Alaskan bush, guides need to be resourceful and repurpose available materials for secondary tasks. They also catch a bunch of really fresh fish still pumping salt through their veins. “It’s pure. It’s engaging. It’s the only time where I can really just focus on absolutely nothing else in the world. And I love that.”

From Filson: “Alaska’s Alagnak River is a place where there are no roads. A place where the weather does what it wants. A place where humans are no longer the apex predator. The life of a guide on this river is one of resourcefulness, persistence, and dedication.”


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