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The Last Steelhead

An Eco-Rock Opera

Need some cool fishy tunes? TFFJ contributor Chris Santella and his Catch and Release Band of steelhead junkies have your fix in the form of an eco-rock opera, The Last Steelhead. With generous support from Trout Unlimited, Simms, The Conservation Angler, and The Wild Steelhead Coalition, these tracks definitely go to eleven. For the fish.

From Chris: “In the spring of 2017, I researched and wrote a story for “American Angler” on the plight of wild steelhead in the Columbia Basin, which impacts Oregon, Washington and Idaho. As a die-hard Deschutes River steelhead angler, I was aware that runs were shrinking—but had no idea conditions were so dire. Like so many of the world’s environmental woes, most of the factors impacting the well-being of wild steelhead have been instigated by humans. The Last Steelhead attempts to explore some of these factors, a bit of their history, and the attitudes surrounding our behaviors and policies that seem to be standing in the way of taking meaningful action to prevent another extinction. It’s my opinion that by using the best available science and re-directing resources accordingly, we can avoid a future without wild steelhead…and The Last Steelhead will be just a piece of music, not an ecological statistic.”

Good tunes, a great message and a plethora of valuable information. Tune in, pump up the volume and check out what you can do here.


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