Yeti Presents: Bottom Feeders

Heavy Noodling

A mini update, per se, to documentarian Bradley Beesley‘s award winning 2001 documentary Okie Noodling. It’s got a sweet soundtrack from The Flaming Lips, and lots more Oklahoman noodling awesomeness.

For more info on the annual noodling tournament, check Okie Noodling, which also features off the wall competitive events such as a mens only wet t-shirt contest, a watermelon crawl and a noodle eating contest. So it’s probably one of the coolest get togethers we’ve ever heard of.

From Yeti: “It takes a little nerve, a deep breath, and your bare arm to catch a catfish the cowboy way. Two rival Okie Noodling Champs, Kaleb Summers and Marion Kincaid know this thrill well. But after being dethroned, Marion checks his competitive nature and channels his nerve towards befriending his fellow noodler.”


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